Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Saling Around Australia; You know you are in Northern Australia when...

Garry's Anchorage, Great Sandy Straits, QLD

11/8/2015 You know your in northern Australia when…

On our sailing around Australia adventures aboard Easy Tiger, we have been aiming to get to Northern Australia. As it is step by step, we didn't realise we are actually now in Northern Australia, even though we should have realised by the obvious signs around us.

So we can say we have arrived in Northern  Australia and we know that because…

…we have crossed the wide bay bar and are now at Fraser Island.

… The water is now more of a turquoise colour.

… the shores are lined mostly by mangroves.

… a 3 metre tide is normal for this area

There was 3 metres of water under our dinghy when we anchored. Lucky we went a bit further out!

… we are down to one layer of clothing (and that is optional!!!)

… I have already been attacked by a scouting party of sand flies, which means they now know I am here.  They will send in the battalions. Although I am armed with Dettol, Aerogard, oils and antihistamines, it will be a hard fought war. May have to review the clothing policy.

… we have been for a swim 2 mornings in a row (albeit very brbrbrrbrrr…brief)

… the first sign we saw on the beach was warning of crocodiles

Fortunately, or, unfortunately this was after we had been for a swim
… the second sign we saw on the beach was warning us not to feed the dingoes.

… At low tide the mud flats are a carpet of little crabs scurrying about

… Garry’s anchorage has more than ten boats anchored.

… the sunsets are very beautiful with deep reds a feature.

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