Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sailing Around Australia; Home Alone

Airlie Beach, QLD

23/9/2015  Home Alone

Our sailing around Australia adventures have taken a bit of a back seat at the moment as the first mate (Leanne) has flown to Cairns to help our daughter out for a few weeks.

It is actually the first time I have been home alone on Easy Tiger for more than a few hours. I must say it did feel a little strange for the first 24 hours.

We anchored at Airlie Beach, as it has a ferry terminal that takes people to the Hamilton Island Airport, where Leanne flew to Cairns from.

Within a short space of my own time, I realised how fortunate Leanne and I are, that we both enjoy the day-to-day experience of our sailing around Australia adventures.

I also feel quite blessed to have a partner who is very capable and enjoys the boat, when we see the many single handed sailors. These people have my appreciation as I imagine picking up a mooring or anchoring in windy conditions and such tasks could be quite difficult if you are on board alone.

That is not to say that every day is absolute marital bliss. When you spend 24/7 together in a confined space there are bound to be some “moments”. There are a few tasks like shopping for Leanne and fuelling for me that we prefer to do alone, to get a few treasured hours away from each other.

We also enjoy the company of other boaties who help to break us out of the “normal” day’s events. Even if it is joining others for a hike or sailing in company for a few weeks, they add so much to our experience.

So far, I have really enjoyed a week to myself. I have been able to decide what I do when I do what I want without having to discuss it with any one else. While I have whittled away at the never-ending list of jobs to do, it has been at a pretty pedestrian pace.

The downside is of course that the daily tasks that 2 people do now fall to one. So I have brushed up my cooking cleaning and maintenance tasks that I find take a fair proportion of the day.

I do miss having Easy Tiger’s first mate, my life partner, wife and friend when she is not around. But after long periods of being together 24/7, a bit of space here and there can be a refreshing time.

I miss the entertainment...

The alert and at the ready deckhand.

drinks o'clock has been a bit dull

We are blessed that we both enjoy our sailing adventures.

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  1. Hi Steve. I've just been looking at boat posts the last month and was after something Australian that I could relate to. I'm hoping to make the sea change within a year. So I'm looking and learning as much as I can. I have just started yours and hope to learn much from you and your wife's travels. Thanks. Wayne