Friday, 27 January 2017

Sailing Around Australia; Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

It was Lao Tzu who said that a 100klm journey begins with a single step. We found that the first step in our road trip back to Easy Tiger and our sailing Adventures was indeed the hardest thing of all, saying goodbye again to our family and friends.

Having been back among our family and friends for nearly ten months we felt reconnected. For example Leanne had spent time shopping and having coffee’s with her mum and I had several “bro- days” with my brother. Even though we didn’t do as much of these sort of activities as we would have liked due to being into our “normal routine” of work, eat sleep, repeat, we cherished the time we had.

This “routine” could have carried on for as long as we wanted, all the while thinking that when we had enough money we would head back to the boat, but my job was only four days a week and Leanne’s a few hours each day, we found were really only treading water financially.

When we arrived back in WA, we didn’t know how long we would be staying, so we didn’t want to break the lease on our house. The tenants have been very good and would be hard to replace. So Leanne hit on the idea of house sitting for people who are going away and want their property cared for.

After registering on the House Sitters Australia web site, we found a House-sitting job for three months at Bob and Judy Dunbar’s place. From the first meeting we soon worked out that these house sit jobs are really dog sits.  As the homeowners left each time, without fail they would say, “Don’t worry too much about the house just take good care of the dog”.

The best part about the house sitting was that we saved money on rent and it felt quite nice to be helping people out.

In between house sit jobs we were very very fortunate to be offered a place to stay with our beautiful friends Stacey and Ian Bateman. We were quite concerned that we would outstay our welcome, as these two are very busy running How Shique, (the best Hair dressing studio in the world) and Maxwell & Lee (fabulous homewares on line) plus Ian has full time work at the Westpac bank.

In testament to the great people and wonderful friends they are, we all made it work OK. We really were grateful for the enormous help they were.

I did feel quite guilty leaving my family again. I still hadn’t got to the couple of jobs that said I would do for my mum, I would of liked to help my sister find good employment, then, the week before we left, my brother was made redundant which was a real shock.

Leanne’s family had really enjoyed having her around too. None of us are getting any younger so we are not sure what the future holds. Fair to say though that currently our family’s good health and a lack of grandchildren, presents an ideal time for us to take off on our sailing adventures. Should our families need us we are only a plane ride away.

It’s pretty hared to say goodbye to our true friends. We have invited them to come and spend time on the boat with us, but of course short periods of annual leave etc where they have their own family to visit etc makes it difficult to see happening.

Sadly we will miss our friend April’s 50th birthday celebration. Our sailor’s budget just won’t stretch to travelling to Bali or Singapore with them. That’s hard to swallow but we have and adventure to pursue. No doubt there will be many other experiences that our friends will have without us and obviously vice versa, but I am sure that when we do see them all again, we will be very interested to here their stories as they will ours.

I every journey begins with a step, ours was deciding on a departure date. That sort of fell on us in a way, as our last house sit/dog sit job was to end on the 21st January. We were dreading having to find yet another address to hang our hat in, to move our gear to and another house to find our way around in, so we decided enough was enough and set 21st January as our departure date.

The second step in our journey was even harder. It was saying goodbye to everyone, not sure when we would see them again.

We know that we have a wonderful opportunity and many great experiences to enjoy in the near future. It doesn’t make the first step of saying goodbye any easier though.

At our send off dinner with wonderful friends
not to be outdone, the fellas.