Saturday, 27 December 2014

Sailing Around Australia; Nearly

28th December = Crown Marina, Adleaide


We are ready to recommence our sailing around Australia adventures aboard Easy Tiger. Nearly.

It’s just a matter of waiting for two weeks. Then travelling to Bali for a two week holiday and then we will be under way. In the scheme of things this is both a bit frustrating and quite a pleasure at the same time.

Frustrating because Easy Tiger is ready. Leanne and I are both ready. Ready to be on the trail of new destinations, new discoveries and new adventures.

This pause in our travels is also pleasurable as we have spent the time with our family in Cairns over Christmas and the time in Bali will be spent with our dear friends.

The time “dockside” has given me a bit of time for reflection. I’m reminded of the many times and moments when Easy Tigers Sailing Adventure nearly didn’t happen.

The first time there was a lot of dilemma in our minds, was 5 Years ago when we put in an offer to buy a boat and had that offer accepted. Have we done the right thing? Would we be able to sail? Could we afford to keep it? Shouldn’t we buy an investment property instead? These were all questions that, had we answered differently at the time, might have seen us still working 7 days a week in our business. We would not be going anywhere, as we would have been caught up in working off our material possessions. In fact a couple of decisions that were nearly made differently meant we could be dreaming of this adventure rather than out here doing it. We learnt that it gets to the point where you have to draw a line in the sand and say “we are going to do; not dream”.

Another “near miss” happened when we found out the other boats were going and we could accompany them. We could have decided that we weren’t ready, or our family commitments were too strong or we might not have enough money to live on etc… etc…  We nearly missed the opportunity to sail across the Great Australian Bight in company. We learnt there that opportunity seems to favour those who are prepared for it.

Next came the day to actually cast off and head out into the Southern Ocean. A fourth boat that was to sail along our path left a couple of days before us and NEARLY came to grief in the rough weather. They made the choice to return back to Mandurah. That nearly scared us off. We learnt though, that if we stick to our rules such as waiting for the right weather window, our journey will be far safer.

The problems we had crossing the bight and our rescue by the Streaky Bay SES was another time that we nearly decided that this adventure was too much for us. But what we found is that when we work together, we make a great team.

Having to find work, when we ran out of money was another time that we nearly considered our sailing adventure was all too hard. But, in fact this has been quite a rewarding time for both of us, as we realise that really we can stretch our hard earned dollars by applying them only to what is really important.

Now, we have to remind ourselves of all that we have learnt on our sailing adventures this far. Because, anxiety is starting to build as we sit here waiting. We are a bit scared of getting back on to the horse. We know that at some point we will get caught in rough weather, that we will have to cross over dangerous entrance bars and that something important is going to break on the boat at the time we least want it to. These times will test us.

However the things that test us actually make it an adventure. Will they stop us? Not even nearly.

We NEARLY missed the opportunity to sail with these great people.

Nearly ready to go, just a detour to Cairns for a great Christmas with our family.

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