Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sailing around Australia; Sundowners, important work.

28/2/2014 Sundowners

During our Sailing Around Australia Adventures aboard Easy Tiger, we have found the sundowners are a really important part of the experience.

Hosting Sundowners is shared around the boats and are held every three days or so usually starting around 5pm.

Mostly it is just the six of us who use the get together to discuss forward plans. These are however subject to change, particularly if they were discussed later on during the sundowner after plenty of social lubricant has been consumed. As we like to say “these plans are written in the sand at low tide”. That is a pretty good disclaimer.

The topic of conversation that is creeping in to our sundowners at present is about when we might leave Streaky Bay, what the next destinations will be and how that fits with our booking at Port Lincoln on the 20th April.

It is also a good time to relax and have a laugh at some of the things that have happened along the way. For example there is many a sundowner that I am reminded that I have had my dinghy come loose from the boat, only to be saved by the b’s a couple of times.  One time when we were at Rottnest Island Leanne and I had pulled our dinghy up on to the beach in front of the pub. While all the usual crew and guests were enjoying some drinks (and a few more) out the corner of my eye I saw a dinghy drifting away. Without closer inspection I announced to the group that someone has lost their dinghy. After a little closer inspection I then announced that it was just like mine. On further inspection I had to announce that, in fact, it was mine!

The girls do a marvelous job with preparing snacks for our sundowners as well. Without going shopping every time, they really do manage to create some masterful treats with limited resources. Last nights nibbles included a bruschetta topping wrapped in cornflower pancakes, pickled crabmeat, pork spare ribs with two different marinades and small pumpernickel biscuits with pickled onions on.

Often it is nice to have guests on board for sundowners too. For example, our first week in Streaky Bay Brian’s (b1) two brothers made a surprise visit to Streaky Bay. It was very interesting to hear new stories and the interesting lives these guys lead as a Qantas Pilot and the other involved in Air Traffic Controller training. Roddie’s loud Hawaiian style shirts were also a source of vast amusement. They put b2’s lime green jumper to shame!

Last night we had ten on board Easy Tiger that had her creaking a bit at the seams. Streaky Bay has a southeasterly sea breeze most evenings so spreading out to the front of the boat wasn’t really an option.

Brian and Eva’s long time friends who are on a caravanning holiday joined us.

Also we had Dave and Heather who are long term Streaky Bay holidayer’s for our sundowner. Dave and Heather have been very kind in supplying our group with a few of the King George Whiting they have caught off Cape Bauer. So they are out there!
We all heard the stories of what Streaky Bay  and the jetty here was like when the Tuna boat fleet was operating.

So you see, sundowners are an integral part of our Sailing Around Australia Adventures, even if the day after is very slow. From observing Leanne this morning, I think it is best that they are only held every so often.

The Sundowner crew aboard Easy Tiger 27th Feb 2014.
From left, Maree, B1, B2, Leanne, Dave, Heather, Eva, Jill and Ian

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